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Our Team!


As a full-time working mother of two, Stacy Thompson, a health and fitness enthusiast, wanted a snack that was both delicious and healthy.  While eating healthy is often a challenge, Stacy wanted to create a snack that even the pickiest of eaters could enjoy.

Stacy, an attorney, her husband, Tyler, a former professional baseball player, and their two very active children, created GoTein Balls in an effort to make a healthy, guilt-free snack that tasted like cookie dough!  From long days at work and school, to long days of sports practices, games and other activities, a healthy snack to eat on the go was a necessity.  Knowing their situation was not unique, GoTein Balls was created with the goal of giving go getters an easy and healthy way to obtain energy to help conquer the day!



After beginning her work as a dietetics undergraduate student at Indiana University, Kayla Farrell returned to GoTein Balls in 2020 after becoming a Registered Dietitian.  Currently, Kayla is the General Manager of GoTein Balls and a Nutrition Specialist.

As the General Manager of GoTein Balls, Kayla is involved in all aspects of the business from recipe creation, to marketing, to order fulfillment and beyond!  In addition to her work in the GoTein Balls kitchen, Kayla provides her invaluable expertise in the field of food and nutrition to the GoTein Balls team.  Beyond her passion for all things food and nutrition, Kayla loves a good podcast as well as hiking, biking, and her beautiful array of houseplants.



After growing up helping his parents in the kitchen, Travis Leonard took his love of cooking and brought it to The Fresh Fork, from where GoTein Balls was born.  Travis was the original GoTein Balls roller and even as the Head Chef at The Fresh Fork, still offers his talents and expertise to GoTein Balls.  

Aside from culinary arts, Travis loves collecting and listening to records as well as golfing.



The talent behind the GoTein Balls social media accounts and the camera belongs to our Social Media Manager, Brittany Tyree.  When Brittany is not spending time with her 2-year-old daughter, Ava, step-daughter, Lyra, and husband, Tanner, she is working to keep our followers and fans informed of all the latest and greatest happenings at GoTein Balls.

From cooking up original content, managing posts, and responding to followers to organizing and running photography shoots, Brittany helps GoTein Balls increase brand awareness and keeps our online presence looking fabulous!  In all her spare time (right?! 2-year-old), Brittany enjoys spin classes and weight training.